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Bushkill Falls

Bushkills Falls, often called "The Nigara of Pennsylvania", is one of the best falls in eastern Pennsylvania. The main fall, Bushkill Falls, is the gemstone and main attraction, but there are many other falls to be viewed from the trails that explore the banks of Little Bushkill Creek and Pond Run Creek.

Bushkill Falls opened to the public in 1904 with millions of visitors from all over the world exploring the trails and view the magnificent falls. A small entrance fee is charged to walk these trails and view the breathtaking scenery. Since this is privately owned, Bushkill Falls does not receive any local, state, or federal money for upkeep. Once you see and experience the walkways that perch on the sides of cliffs and over top rushing water and splendid waterfalls, you will soon realize that it was money well spent. The Peters Family does an excellent job at providing access to the many falls and maintaining the many walkways.

There are 4 color-coded access trails to the falls. The trails, green, yellow, blue and red, are designed for walkers and hikers of all levels. Green is the shortest with no climbs or descents, and the red trail is the longest being just under 2 miles. All of the trails offer great views and showcase the main waterfall. This area is a great place to take children. The descent to the bottom of the main falls can be long and steep, but the well maintained steps with secure hand railing makes it a convenient hike. With an area to have a picnic, fishing pond, paddle boats,and miniature golf, this is a great family destination.

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Near the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border you can find the Bushkill Falls. Located in the Poconos, the Bushkill Falls have been called "The Nigara of Pennsylvania", and is one of the best falls in eastern Pennsylvania. After viewing the falls at Ricketts Glen, I was interested in viewing other waterfalls in Pennsylvania. So I took some time off work in the middle of May and made the short drive from Central PA to view the Bushkill Falls.