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West Rim Trail

The West Rim Trail is a very scenic long-distance trail that follows the western edge of Pine Creek Gorge, from Ansonia to near Blackwell. Parts pass through stands of mixed hardwoods, featuring white ash, cherry, and hemlock. In other areas, the trail winds along ridges of oak forest with abundant mountain laurel, and it also passes through boggy meadows near beaver dams. Challenging topography can be encountered when the trail departs from the edge of the main gorge to traverse side canyons. The best feature of the trail is the many outstanding vistas as you peer into the gorge and Pine Creek below.


The West Rim Trail is currently connected to the Mid State Trail via the Bohen Trail. Another trail, the Long Branch Trail, connects the West Rim Trail with the Black Forest Trail. Side trails and forest roads also allow for circuit day-hikes that can include sections of the West Rim Trail.

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The West Rim Trail is a 30 mile long trail located in Tioga County, positioned on the canyon rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. With many vistas overlooking the Pine Creek Gorge, the section of the trail from its northern terminus to its midpoint has the highest density of views and offers some of the best, especially near Barbour Rocks. In late September a group of us headed up to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon to do an overnight weekend backpacking trip. Our planned route was the northern half of the trail, starting at Bradley Wales Picnic Area, the midpoint of the trail, and then hiking to the trail's northern terminus near Ansonia.

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At the southern end of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is the small town of Blackwell. From this location there are a number of opportunities available for circuit hikes. One such hike includes the Bohen and West Rim Trails. Starting out on the Bohen Trail, you pass two waterfalls and climb along the Bohen Run as you head to the top of the Pine Creek Gorge. Near the top the Bohen Trail comes to an end as it terminates at the West Rm Trail. Heading west from this point, you will follow the West Rim Trail to the top of the gorge, with views towards the town of Blackwell, and follow the trail as it circles round and descends towards its southern terminus at Rattlesnake Rock. A short hike on the Pine Creek Rail-Trail takes you back to the town of Blackwell for an 8.4 mile circuit hike.

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Fall is a great time to hike. The temperatures are very comfortable for hiking during the day and at night the temperatures stay warm enough that you can stay nice and cozy in a mummy style sleeping bag and three season tent. And in Pennsylvania, hiking in fall gives you an opportunity to view some amazing fall foliage. So this October, five of us set out to hike 30 plus miles from Ansonia to Blackwell, along the Pine Creek Gorge, with the hopes of taking in some nice vistas with brilliant autumn colors.